Friday, March 15, 2013

A Show and a Race - The Portland Shamrock Run

Extra! Extra! Read All about It! 
[Running Blogger Slips in a Post to Shamelessly Promote Shoe Co. He Works for as Bloggosphere Frowns.]

In my defense Your Honors, I have stated that I rep for Soft Star shoes (see what I did there? I just created a hyper-link to their website and I'm gonna keep right on doing it too!) before and that I really do love their shoes above and beyond all other shoes when I wear shoes and so I have to take this opportunity to let my legions of followers know that I, Todd W. Mros, am manning a booth for Soft Star at the Portland Shamrock Run Fitness Expo this weekend!

Why should you care? Well, because
   1) These babies are made right here in the good old US of A, by good old US of A'ers
   2) You might learn something interesting.
   b) You never know what kind of shit is gonna fly out of my fingers.
   3) This is a two-parter and you wouldn't want to miss the first part of a two-parter would you?
   ?) I had Taco Bell for lunch and that makes me dangerous and edgy, as evidenced by my unpredictable numbering system!    

Look, I'm gonna level with you all, I've never done something like this before and so I'm a little nervous as well as excited. I mean, to be entrusted with Soft Star's image. To be the face, as it were, of Soft Star to the public is huge as well as humbling. It will be my job to show runners out there why their current shoe choice may in fact lead to total uncoolness and that the only way to regain total coolness (that is, if it's not too late) is to immediately purchase a pair or two of Soft Star shoes.

Sound like oversell? I say nay! I say that all structures are supported by foundations, and that your feet are that foundation and that what you place said "feet" in has a gravitas that is not sufficiently acknowledged in our society. "What evidence do you have to support your audacious claims?" you ask. It is here, in Merriam-Webster's dictionary, where it states:  

GRAVITAS: high seriousness (as in a person's bearing or in the treatment of a subject) 

See! I'm not making this up. It's right there in 1's and 0's that gravitas has to do with a person's bearing and everyone knows that your feet are the parts what "bear" you along and hence Soft Star, which we all now know is inexhaustible in their concern for all and the health of everyone's bearings i.e., feet. Your Honors, I rest my case and... you're welcome. With all of these hard facts to back me you'd think that I would just breeze in and enjoy the ride...but you'd be wrong for Soft Star has entrusted me to spread the word and, I quote, "Have a good time, we're all proud and excited for you." Really? I can only handle so much pressure and this definitely did not help. How am I supposed to have a good time knowing what I know about feet and shoes and footish things that most people don't even care about. Well, at least not until it's almost too late and they come crawling over for help. OK, no one has actually come crawling yet but I have plush carpet down for when someone does. 

As for the second part to this blog post, well, I'm running this race and that means a race report but, of course, until I actually run........

What I can tell you about is that up until this point I have been in training. I'm loosely following the Pete Pfitzinger training method partially because I like it and partially because anyone who's name has a silent "p" and finishes with the word "zinger" has got to know something good about speed. I will have a full race report following my run to put the "ROCK" in Shamrock and avoid the "Sham in Shamrock" as that would be less than optimal, especially while wearing my official Soft Star representative's guise.

Blogs to you,


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